Make available an area or space for post graduate students to socialise

Robert Blair submitted on

Wednesday 8th November 2017


At the university which I studied before coming to Southampton we had a thriving post graduate community which was centered around and based in a post graduate club. This club / bar was open to undergraduates who had to be signed in by a post grad'. This offered a meeting place for post grad's to socialise, exchange ideas and support each other.

A venue such as this would be an excellent addition to the minimal post graduate support already offered by the university.


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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 15th Nov 2017 3:10pm

Hi Robert,

Thank you for submitting a You Make Change. We have the Bridge on Thursdays which is PG orientated, and controlled in part by the PG Committee, but unfortunately we do not have any other capacity for space at Highfield. Moreover, we are stretched for spaces at any of our other campuses, let alone PG space. However, saying this, the Union is due a renovation, and I will talk to our President to ensure that Postgraduate students are considered in the planning of the build. What's more, I spoke to the Vice Chancellor about doing a PG Student Forum, where it'd be appropriate for this to be raised, as the University has some money that is earmarked for infrastructure.

Until then however, check out the Bridge on Thursdays, and get in contact with the PGT or PGR Officer for more detail about our social plans for postgrads here, under student leaders:

Kind regards,


Vice President Student Communities



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