Status: Complete

put lights by the stairs on the walkway from Highfield to Avenue campus

There is a set of stairs that do not have any lights by them leading from Highfield campus (right past the bike racks a bit past physics building) to Avenue, and is pretty dangerous. I often have classes at night, and when I walk back from Avenue campus when I reach the stairs, without my phone light there is a good chance I could fall. It would be more dangerous once it gets cold and ice forms. I think it would be beneficial to put some lights so students can see where they are walking and do not get hurt. 


Hi Sarah!

Thank you very much for your suggestion. It's really good news because this has been pursued and implemented.

I hope there is a noticeable difference! Do let us know if you feel like the lights need improving any further.

Emily, Union President 

Monday 30th Jul 2018 10:02am

Hi Sarah,

Apologies for the slow response on this - it was initially forwarded to Dan, VP Engagement, but I am now covering this aspect of his role. I will get in touch with the University and see if anything can be done about this. 

Flora, Union President 

Friday 26th Jan 2018 12:27pm