Increase the number of water fountains on the campus

Sophie Harrison submitted on

Friday 17th November 2017


The number of water fountains on campus is really limited. On a Friday for example I have lectures from 12-6pm with only the 15/0 minutes breaks in between. In that time I visit various buildings accross the campus, and can never find any water to fill up my water bottle. It would be really beneficial for us to have access to free water as easily as possible, even if it was just in the foyer of each academic bulding. 

Many thanks,



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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 17th May 2018 3:30pm

Hi. I have asked for this to be factored in to any new/refurbished buildings across campus, so hopefully in the future there will be more water fountains around. There is an online map which you can find at which you can add any onto that you find!


Flora, Union President

Students' Union replied on

Friday 8th Dec 2017 12:54pm

Hi Sophie,

This is the second You Make Change about this topic, so I will pass the feedback onto the University along with the other one to find out if it is possible for more to be installed. It's probably worth noting that there are 3 across the Union's buildings - one in Bar 2, one in Bar 3, and one in the Advice Centre!

Flora, Union President



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