Status: Complete

ask if a small stationary shop can be opened at the N.O.C

If students forget to bring equipment or stationary in for the day then the nearest place to purchase these items is West Quay (and i have had to jump on my bike and pedal like mad to buy a compass before 0900)

a place to buy these items somewhere within the N.O.C would be very helpful




Hi Samantha,


Thanks for your You Make Change. Unfortunately we cannot put in a shop facility at teh NOC, but we are looking at doing pop-up shops which would be able to sell equipment. However these would only be available a few times a year, with prior notice, so if you'd like to suggest dates that you think a pop-up shop would be helpful, please email me at 

We need to talk to the NOC facilities to see whether they'd allow us to put a pop-up up, but I remain optimistic!


Kind regards,

Arun Aggarwal

Vice President Student Communities


Friday 1st Dec 2017 2:28pm