increase bike storage coverings. .

Guney Tatli submitted on

Sunday 19th November 2017



As a bike user I find it hard to find covered bike spots, and with winter approaching it is getting even harder. While there are lots of bike storage spaces, there is less covered bike storage areas - the only one outside of the keycard required ones being outside the Murray Building. 

This would make life easier for bicycle users all over campus - many of whom require a bike to get to where they are going and rely on sheltered parking in colder and wetter weather.

Thanks for reading, 

Boran Tatli


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 11:58am

Hi Guney,

Having spoken to the University's Estates and Facilities team, they have told me that they are constantly upgrading and adding more bike storage around campus, and will continue to do so as campus develops over the next few years! If there is a specific part of campus that you think is lacking, please let me know ( and I'll push that area to be prioritised!

Flora, Union President

Students' Union replied on

Friday 1st Dec 2017 4:05pm

Hi Guney,

I will forward your idea to the University and get back to you when I have a response!

Flora, Union President


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