University and council to ensure good living conditions for students.

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 21st November 2017


I see posters saying don't rush to rent everywhere on campus but I don't see a lot being actually done to ensure our accomodation experience is good. Susu Lettings and SASSH are very good initiatives but should be developed further.

The university should work together with the council to ensure student homes are in good conditions. Many people are living in old houses with damp rooms, horrible bathrooms... Letting agencies should be pressured not realease houses so early, not to pressure us into signing, to only rent houses in good conditions and not to inflate rent because we're students.


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 12:05pm

As an update, we will be hosting a Housing Fayre in Refreshers Week, where you are able to discuss these concerns with relevant and authoritative bodies, as well as using the Fayre as an opportunity to find accommodation for the following academic year. 


Kind regards, 

Sam - Vice President Welfare

Students' Union replied on

Friday 1st Dec 2017 2:26pm

Hi, thank you for your question. 

Unfortunately, there are some extremely unsatisfactory houses made available to students on the rental market. Due to various pressures, many students end up signing for a house that is below standards. SUSU Lettings was a student initiative to make sure that there was suitable student housing available that firstly wasn't expensive and secondly was provided by trusted landlords. 

The housing issue is an ongoing one, and it is one that SUSU are constantly working on, but year on year we find that estate agents become even more competitive and release houses to students even sooner than the previous year. This is why we advocate Don't Rush To Rent - don't rush or be pressured into signing for a house that isn't for you, but take the time to consider your options and search around for a suitable property.

I will, however, take your question to the next Student Life Zone, and also consult Leyla (Housing Officer)  in the meantime to discuss next steps. 


Kind regards, 

Sam - VP Welfare


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