improve overcrowding in the Jubilee gym

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 5th February 2018


With the new addition of the card entry/exit to the Jubilee gym this would be an excellent opportunity to place some kind of online grading system for the number of people in the gym (even a simple red amber green) availible to the public so that people can assess how busy the gym is before leaving. This would hopefully reduce overcrowding that is (in my oppinion) becoming a big problem for a facility that is so expensive. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 6th Apr 2018 2:41pm

Hi anon, thank you for your suggestion.

This is an idea that the managers of Sport and Wellbeing are very keen to implement, however there are a combination of factors that have prevented them from doing it yet. At the start of this academic year Sport and Wellbeing went out to tender for a membership system provider. They awarded the contract to a new system provider but it has since transpired that this system wasn't capable of handling many functions that were promised to them, including live tracking of gym numbers. Sport and Wellbeing are now trying to end their contract with this new system and are entering a period of uncertainty with regards to their membership system. The barrier system in the gym offers a good opportunity to track live numbers however it requires an upgrade with the current membership system that would be a considerable four figure investment for Sport and Wellbeing which could be wasted if they go out to tender again.

To summarise, this could happen by the end of 2018 depending on what happens with their membership system. In the meantime I would recommend checking the entry data that is published on S&W and Team Southampton weekly - this will help you advise when is best to go by looking at the trends of busiest times.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports


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