Status: Complete

Upgrade the hand-dryers in the men's toilets opposite the cube

Out of habit I put my hands under the dryer for them to be gently blown on until I remember that they're useless and wipe my hands on my trousers on the way out. It'd be nice if they actually dried my hands


Hi Jesse,

First of all thank you for waiting for us to get back to you on this.

GOOD NEWS: due to your request we will be updating the dryers in both toilets next to the cube.

So no more trouser drying

Emily, Union President 


Tuesday 7th Aug 2018 11:57am

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your feedback! We're talking to our supplier to find out if we can upgrade them, I will get back to you as soon as we know what their response is.

Flora, Union President


Thursday 15th Feb 2018 3:07pm