better deal with popularity of Karaoke.

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 8th February 2018


During termtime the lines for karaoke are pretty extreme and you can literally be waiting for hours. Especially in winter time this is not healthy for students but the popularity keeps them waiting there nonetheless. I think this should be discussed.

Does this show that there are too few of this type of regular events organised on campus? Could the cube attracked enough students on a weekly basis? Are they letting too few people enter Stags? Should there be more days of kaeoke during the week when it's termtime?


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 15th Feb 2018 3:03pm


I've spoken to our Bars team, and this is their response:

We understand that karaoke is our busiest night of the week and we have looked at ways to ease this. We are controlled by the license as to how many people we can fit in the venue, and we do reach capacity quite early on in the evening. We then work on a one-In one-out policy to ensure that students are not waiting in line for any longer than they need to be.

We have started advertising karaoke, the event, as starting from 8pm in an aim to try and spread out the number of people arriving at the beginning of the night, with the karaoke itself starting at half 8. When we put on our live band specials these start at half 7, to allow for people to arrive earlier.

We always try to ensure that The Bridge bar is open to all on a Thursday evening so that students who don't want to wait outside can chill in The Bridge and then head over to Stags when the queues have gone after 11pm.

We're always looking for more and new event ideas, and please feel free to contact our events team on as I'm sure they would love to hear from you!

I hope this helps!

Flora, Union President


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