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transform the old BT phone boxes on Highfield Campus

Most BT phone boxes these days are white elephants. I'm making a big assumption here that no one uses the phones boxes by the pond and Nuffield Theatre. I was thinking perhaps we could turn them into something cool like others that have been transformed into book swap stops, mini cafes or even works of art (maybe get WSA students involved here and have a limited time art installation so lots of students could take it in turns to transform the box or run a competition to have one overall winner). 


Hi Chira (and to everyone who voted and commented on this You Make Change!), 

Thanks for all of your involvement with this project, and for all of your input up until now. We've reached out to University Security to clarify the emergency contact situation, and will look into the WiFi issue once BT and InLinkUK have confirmed that the boxes are being replaced. 

I'm going to close this You Make Change in the interim, but will absolutely re-open it once there is some more news.

Thanks again for making the submission! 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017-19,

Friday 17th Aug 2018 2:57pm

Hi Chira, 

Just a quick update from me - InLinkUK have been in touch to confirm that they are now approaching BT to see if they can bring the phoneboxes into the project. 

I'll let you know when they've updated me on any progress.

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017-19)

Monday 6th Aug 2018 2:43pm

Hi Chira, 

Thanks for getting in touch - as luck would have it I was actually beginning to look into doing something with those phone boxes a few weeks ago! I'm currently in conversation with a group called InLinkUK (headed up by BT -, which would install new, multi-media devices providing a charging point and free WiFi among a few other things. They also provide free phone calls, as well as a dedicated 999 emergency button. 

Should this fall through I'd be keen to look into something along the lines that you're suggesting. I'll be back with another update once InLinkUK have replied to me! 

It is worth adding that Your You Make Change is now live on the SUSU website and can be voted upon, so please feel free to share it with your friends. The more input, the better! 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me on 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017-19) 

Friday 3rd Aug 2018 2:38pm