Vision 2020

Jonathan Ribeiro submitted on

Thursday 5th November 2015


I've been skimming through the 2020 plan and I was wondering if there is any more information available- the report seems a bit buzzwordy fluff filled to me. My questions regarding it so far are:

1) It is stated "We would gain almost total control of 42 with the exception of the Sports Hall". Does this include the martial arts room and will it be free for student use without sports and wellbeing passes in the future?

2) There is a lot of talk of "consolidating union spaces" and generally rearranging things. Will there be a potential floor plan available before things go ahead? Will we be losing any facilities which we previously had such as the climbing wall, cinema, martial arts room or squash courts? The section which concerns me is "opening up the entire first floor of Building 42 in an open plan, mall type setting" as this is where a lot of niche facilities are which I believe are part of the big positives about SUSU currently. 

3) Will there be any sort of referendum on the planned changes as I would argue this is potentially a much larger change for the general student populace than something like the library opening hours!

4) Are there any plans to add any new facilities to the union in the changes?

I appreciate you taking the time to help!


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