Fact and Figures

Facts and Figures


As a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, SUSU is legally required to report its finances to the Charities Commission and Companies House each year.

SUSU also has a trading subsidiary company, SUSU Social Enterprises Ltd, for activity with non-students such as landlords via our Lettings Agency or external partners for business development such as advertising. The trading company gift aids any profits each year to the main SUSU charity.

SUSU is primarily funded by a grant from the University of Southampton and income generated from trading activities such as Bars, Business Development, Catering, Events and Retail. SUSU is grateful for the continued support of the University of Southampton and our members – the students of the University of Southampton.

The main areas of expenditure, after cost of sales for trading activity, are staffing and providing grant funding and support to our affiliated club and societies. In addition to this we also provide academic representation to our members and assorted support services. More detail about the grants funded each year to student clubs & societies can be found here: grant allocations.

SUSU typically employs 70 full-time “core” staff and up to 250 student staff each year and incurs costs for paying salaries, national insurance, and pension contributions.


Total income for 2022-23 was £6,847,493


    Gender Pay Gap Reporting

       Under the Gender Pay Gap Regulations (Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017), SUSU is required to publish its gender pay           gap annually when we employ over 250 staff. As a charity our snapshot date is 05 April each year.