Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our next Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday 15 March 2024, 20:00 onwards. This year the event will take place in person as part of Stags Showdown, and we would really encourage you to participate and help SUSU shape our work over this year.

We will be releasing the full agenda over the coming weeks but the rough order of business for the meeting will be:

  • Receive and approve the Annual Accounts and Report of the Trustees for the year ending 31 July 2023.
  • Approve the list of affiliations of the Union to external organisations.
  • Appoint the auditors for the next academic year.
  • Approve the authorisation of the political expenditure for the next academic year.

To be able to vote on any items or ideas generated, you will need to register below in advance of the event.

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What is an AGM?

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting and it is a meeting of the general membership of an organisation or group. The legal requirements of the AGM at the Students’ Union is for our students to receive and approve the Annual Reports which include the accounts for the year 2022/23, the Appointment of the Auditors and the Political Expenditure of the Union next year.

All our student-led clubs and societies will hold an AGM at the end of each academic year to elect the new committee members. Like these society AGMs, the SUSU AGM it is an important opportunity for stakeholders of the organisation to meet and provide feedback about its performance and future plans.

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