UniLink Bus times

Hannah De la Salle submitted on

Wednesday 19th October 2016


I was wondering if the Union had any ability to lobby UniLink to adjust when the final U1C and/or U2C of the night run.

Currently the last U1C leaves from Airport at 23:25, it passes through the University Interchange at 23:40, and terminates at Central Station at 00:00. The U2C timing is similar, leaving Bencraft at 23:38, University at 23:49, terminating at Mayflower at 00:05. I think, given the Stags Union Pub doesn't close until midnight, it is unfair and dangerous to have the final buses runnning so early.

It should be noted the final U1A leaves Central station at 00:05, passing through the University at 00:20, and terminating in Eastleigh at 00:37 and the final U2B leaves Mayflower at 00:10, passing the University at 00:28, and terminating at Bencraft at 00:37. This allows students living in Halls at City Gateway, Wessex Lane or Glen Eyre, as well as students living in private rented along the bus route, a safe and reliable means of transport home. The same cannot be said for any students living in Halls, or private rented accomodation south of the Highfield campus. 

I understand on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights the Safety Bus is in use, however, it is not unreasonable for many students to be on campus until midnight on other days of the week. 

So, I reiterate, does the Union have any power to lobby UniLink to change this in the interest of student safety?


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Thomas Webber submitted on

Friday 4th November 2016


Hi Hannah, thanks for your question! I have passed your feedback on to the relevant people at the University and Uni-link. They have explained that the disparity is because their bus depot is nearer to the north of the city, so they are able to run the services moving in that direction later anyway. I have asked them to take your feedback into account when they next look at the bus scheduling, and as a Union we will look into ways of establishing whether there is wider demand for this. Hope that is helpful! Many thanks – Alex Hovden