Student Communities Zone (27th November 2014)


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Name of Committee Student Communities Zone
Date and time 27th November 2014, 13:00
Place The Boardroom
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
Matters Arising
3. Matters Arising
Disciplinary Procedure - Penalty Guidance
4. Please refer to email sent 26/11/14
International Students
5. Update
Post Graduates
6. PGT
7. PGR
8. Update
Student Sites
9. SGH
10. NOC
11. WSA
Diversity Campaign and Equality
12. Update
Sabb Plan and Student Leader Goals
13. Update
14. JCR Training/ Freshers/ Initiations
Next Meeting
15. Next block 26th - 30th January 2015

Please find the minutes from the meeting attached.

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)