Union Senate

Union Senate is the political oversight body for SUSU. It monitors the work of the Union Officers and takes decisions on major democratic issues for students.

Who is Senate?

Senate is chaired by an independent Chair of Senate, and is made up of:

  • Five Full-Time Officers
  • Sixteen Union Senators, elected to represent all students.

Any student can come along and speak at, and take part in, Senate meetings, but it’s just the members of Senate (above) that vote. Meetings occur at least once a term, 3 times a year.

What does Senate do?

  • Decides Union Policy that falls across the entirety of SUSU.
  • Oversees Officers by approving their plans and checking that they’re following their Plans & Policy, including “calling in” decisions in accordance with the Rules.

Meeting Minutes

Questions about Senate?

If you have any queries about Senate, then please get in touch with the Chair of Senate via chair@susu.org.

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