A statement from SUSU

At SUSU we support our trans, non-binary, and gender diverse students, and we aim to create and uphold a safe environment where all students are free from harassment and discrimination.

In our recent Leadership Elections, one candidate expressed personal views which many students may have found offensive and hurtful. As a Students’ Union, SUSU are legally required to secure Freedom of Speech, allowing any student to express lawful views, while creating space for views to be challenged. As part of our democratic election students are then able to vote for who will represent them.

Any views expressed by students in our elections are the views of individual students, and candidates are requested, but not required, to uphold SUSU’s values throughout the elections.

The legal requirement for Students’ Unions to secure legal Freedom of Speech is at a difficult tension with our moral obligation to protect our students from harassment, however SUSU would like to re-affirm that we believe all students have a right to be treated with dignity and have their identity and lived experience respected.

Please contact our Sabbatical Officers to share your views or the Advice Centre for additional support, now and throughout the year.



To access support as a trans student or to learn more as an ally visit:
  • Stonewall – a charity providing information, support and guidance on LGBTQ+ inclusion
  • Mermaids – a charity that supports trans, non-binary and gender diverse young people
  • Beyond Reflections – a Southampton based charity that provides wellbeing support services to trans, non-binary and questioning adults, their family and their friends
To show support as an ally:
  • Wear a pronoun pin and add your pronouns to your email signature
  • Educate yourself about trans experiences and identities and remain curious and respectful
  • Correct yourself and others if you accidentally use the wrong name or pronouns for a trans person, and practice using the name and pronouns they identify with
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