Advice Centre Blog

Hello everyone,

To launch our new weekly Wednesday blog, we thought we would begin by introducing you to your advice team and explaining a bit about what we do.

So, who are the Advice Centre? Our team comprises of trained professionals ready to assist you with a range of concerns; from navigating housing issues to managing your finances or addressing academic challenges. Best of all, our service is completely free, independent, and confidential, ensuring you receive the support you need without any worries.

Sam Scott – Head of Advice

Sam has worked at SUSU know for almost 10 years and at the University for 15! She started at SUSU as a Student Adviser and then moved into managing the team.

“I absolutely love my job. I love that we can offer our members choices and support which they may struggle to find elsewhere.”

Fact about Sam – When she was 16 she broke her wrist and as her mum dropped her off at hospital she ran over Sam’s foot.

Adam Palmer– Advice Co-ordinator

Adam has worked at The Advice Centre for 3 years, firstly as a Receptionist and now as a Co-ordinator. Adam is likely to be the first person you speak to when you phone, email or visit.

“I enjoy that every day is different. You can never be sure what problem is coming through the door next.”

Fact about Adam – he can fit 10 peanut M&M’s up his nose at once.

Michelle Fisher – Adviser

Michelle has worked with The Advice Centre for almost 14 years and is an experienced debt adviser.

“It feels like what we do makes a real difference to students, I like working with my colleagues and I have a great commute to work on foot.”

Fact about Michelle – she has swum in the Atlantic with sharks.

Ash Hunt – Adviser

Ash has been with SUSU for almost 8 years with 2 of those being spent with Advice. He previously worked with the Activities team.

“Sometimes there can be challenges on the academic journey and I like that as an Advisor we can work with a student to help solve some of their problems.”

Fact about Ash – he had trials for Hull City but sadly didn’t make the grade.

Nicola White – Adviser

Nicola is our newbie and has just celebrated her 1 year anniversary. Her background is in supporting students from further education.

“I enjoy working at SUSU as I get to work and learn alongside a diverse body of staff members and students. Plus there is always something fun going on so it makes everyday varied and interesting.”

Fact about Nicola – she is a plane geek and loves netball and puzzles.

Sarah Fergusson - Advisor

Sarah has been with The Advice Centre for 17 years! She began working as our Receptionist then moved on to become an Adviser.

“My role allows me to work with students and support them to get the best possible outcomes. I enjoy seeing the results and positive outcomes students receive.”

Fact about Sarah – she lives for milk and as a child she worried she might develop gills.  

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