Advice Centre Blog – 08/05/24

Ash Hunt – Advisor

Academic Integrity in Exams

Exams can be stressful but there are many things we can do to ensure standards of Academic Integrity are met. Academic Integrity is a student’s commitment to ensure the highest standard of study practices. This ensures that the work you produce can demonstrate a true understanding of the subject matter which gives credit to others where their work contributes to yours.

Below are a few tips on how to maintain good Academic Integrity in Exams

Do your research – Not only should you ensure you study all the relevant materials prior to your examination, you should also familiarise yourself on what you should expect from the exam. Is this an in person or online exam? Where is the exam taking place? How long will it last for? Having answers to these questions will enable you to concentrate on the exam itself.

It’s Got to Be You – It sounds simple right! Always sit your own exam and check you have the correct paper before you begin. Ensure you have your student ID available and ready to show.

It’s not good to talk – Do not communicate with others during the exam, if you need anything raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to come to you.

What should I bring? – No last-minute equations written on your hand or lecture notes hidden in shoes I’m afraid. It’s a good idea to check what you can bring into an exam, mobile phones, smart watches, headphones are not allowed and if possible, left at home. If you have them with you before entering the exam, ensure they are turned off and placed in your bag at the back of the room. There are also requirements around which calculator you can use so make sure you have the correct tech. Do check in advance on what items you can take into the exam, for further guidance please review the Assessment regulations

Best of luck with your exams!

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