Wildlife Photography Exhibition

One of the highlights of Green Week 2024 was Southampton University Photographic Society’s  (SUPS) Wildlife Photography Competition
exhibition, showcasing fantastic images captured by talented student and staff photographers.

The photography competition was open to everyone at the University and received 225 entries from over 70 students, University staff and SUSU staff. Entries were judged by Lara Jackson, conservationist, wildlife photographer and Southampton alumni, and Megan McCubbin, zoologist and wildlife presenter. The awards ceremony on Wednesday 24 April celebrated the winners and raised over £150 for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered the competition and congratulate the winners. We hope you enjoy their images below. The entries will be exhibited on the SUSU concourse until Monday 13 May and after that will find permanent homes around B40 and B42.

Patrick Duriez (Landscapes winner)

This is the exposure blending of two photos in order to reveal both the bright light from the sun and the dark area in the foreground. I was trying to capture the beautiful scenery of the purple heather in the New Forest on a summer evening.

Birds Highly Commended - Oliver

Oliver Davis (Birds Highly Commended)

I took this shot during the beginning of the year when the Robins were in full swing. This specific shot was taken in Valley Gardens. I used my Sony A6400 with the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 to utilise the crop factor, effectively taking the shot at 300mm, I just had to wait for many hours to get the robins to pose and this shot proves that justice.

Jamie Sherratt (Pets Highly Commended)

I don’t have any pets, but I was walking along the streets of Rotterdam, Netherlands and I saw this dog just watching the outside world pass by from his window so got a quick snap of it.

Plant Life Winner - Dan

Daniel Powers (Plant Life)

Life Finds a Way: A small flower grows out of a crack on top of Alston Arches at Haltwhistle, showing its resilience against the backdrop of Kilfrost Chemical Plant. Taken at sunset on a Canon 200D and kit lens.

Tilly Platt (Landscape Highly Commended)

This photo was taken in Scotland, using the Nikon D3300, where it shows my mum staring out into the ocean, with the coastline and mountains in the background. The lens was fully zoomed in and I was stood at the very edge of the beach.

Courtney Madley (Pets Winner)

Taken on a summer’s evening in June 2022 my cat Olive was soaking up the last of the sun’s rays, warming her up for a peaceful nap on the carpet. Using my mobile phone I took this photo low and under a footstool, that Olive was previously playing with, to capture her relaxed nature at her eye level. All of the photographs I take of my cats are meaningful to me, I know they will not always be around and so capturing these moments of pure bliss will always have a space on my phone and therefore in my memories.

Mobile Winner - Stuart

Stuart Devlin (Mobile)

Chased a dragon fly for 20mins in the New Forest to see how capable my iPhone 14 Pro is.

Sam Johnson (Funny)

Whilst in the New Forest around Hatchets Pond, I found a few horses and thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some wildlife. Suddenly I see this horse strike a fantastic pose, I quickly capture some photos, unknowingly, capturing this majestic action shot.
August 2021 | Nikon D3100, 80mm, F 5.0, 1/1250 sec, ISO 200

Birds Winner - Ian

Ian Russell (Birds Winner)

Taken from a cruise ship in Norway with a Canon 6D 200 zoom lens.

The light glistened off the water and the birds flew with the ship.

Apart from cropping size and enhancing the colours and contrast, this is original.

Jamie Sherratt (Animals Winner)

I found this colony of sea lions when on a walk in South Africa on holiday, and managed to capture this moment where the moon lined up perfectly to looking like the sea lion was playing with a ball. Taken on my Fujifilm camera with a 55-200m lens.

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