Equality and Diversity Policy

Expect Respect

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy their time at university and all the experiences that go along with that. We recognise that sometimes things happen that are inappropriate, and which go against our values. We have approved our Expect Respect Policy to set our how we as an organisation and our members are expected to conduct themselves


Valuing Diversity

The Students’ Union is a unique and diverse community of individuals which we believe should be celebrated. The Union strives to be open and welcoming, where everyone can participate fully in the activities and services we offer. This policy is to ensure that the Union is fully accessible to all those for whom it exists: its members, its staff and everyone who interacts with the organisation.

The Students’ Union will:

  • ensure that every student and staff member is treated fairly and have equality of opportunity within the union.
  • not tolerate any discrimination against students or staff on any grounds.
  • work alongside cohorts of individuals who may be subject to discrimination, prejudice and intimidation to provide a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment.
  • actively encourage participation from groups that are not usually involved in Union Southampton activities.

We will ensure that we use appropriate interventions to allow us to achieve this and will take appropriate disciplinary action if needed. These interventions may include: training, information, awareness raising campaigns, guidance, positive action and support.


Our collective responsibility

Valuing diversity is the responsibility of all members, staff and visitors. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure there is no discrimination and that all are treated with respect and dignity.

We will all take a personal responsibility to:

  • respect each other and our individual differences and to treat each other fairly and not discriminate.
  • not encourage or support others to behave in a discriminatory manner.
  • not bully or harass others on any grounds.
  • report any incident where we feel discrimination is occurring.
  • not victimise anyone who has made complaints regarding discrimination or provided information on discrimination
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