Middle East Crisis – Supporting Our Students

As students prepare to go home for the holidays, we know that many of you remain deeply affected by the conflict in Gaza and Israel. The scale of the violence, the physical devastation and the many thousands of deaths are horrifying, and the impact and trauma of this conflict are felt profoundly now and will […]

The StudentCrowd Best Student Cities 2023 

We are pleased to share that Southampton was rated number 8 on the list! StudentCrowd analysed 9,304 reviews submitted by students in the last 12 months. Within the review, StudentCrowd users rated the cost of living, eating out, night life, shopping and public transport in their university location. You can check out the Top 20 Best Student Cities 2023 […]

Student Experience Survey

The Student Experience Survey is your opportunity to give feedback on your student experience. It is a collaboration between your Student’ Union (SUSU) and the University of Southampton. We are working closely together to ensure your feedback is valued, listened to and acted upon. We would like to understand your experience, so that we can […]

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