Jazz Dance Classes

30 Mar 2023,

Building 42

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance Society hold weekly classes at three different levels every Thursday evening!

We have beginners at 6.15 - 7.15, intermediate at 7.15 - 8.15 and advanced at 8.18 - 9.45.

We can't wait to see you there :)

The Organisers

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance at the University of Southampton is an expanding and diverse society which provides fun and challenging classes, aimed at 3 different abilities: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our objective is to ensure that our members enjoy themselves whilst being able to participate in a wide variety of dance styles: from traditional jazz, to contemporary jazz and commercial routines, we endeavour to appeal to everyone – if not, we always welcome suggestions and improvements so that we can extend our programme. Not only do we have 3 weekly classes, but we also perform 3 routines in the annual Pure Dance Show which is always a highlight of the dance calendar. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to audition and be a part of the Novice or Advanced Dance Squads who compete at competitions all over the country. This is an amazing experience and gives our dancers a chance to perform in a completely different environment. Additionally, every year we try to organise 2 workshops, taught by professionals from the industry which are very popular and inspiring. With classes, squads and Pure Dance, there are so many opportunities to make new friends and meet people from the other societies within USD. Most importantly, we are a friendly society, offering a range of socials throughout the year, from nights out to movie and pizza nights in, so hopefully there is something for everyone!

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