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Entrepreneurs Club

External Engagement

Entrepreneurs Club is a student run society whose mission is to build a platform for students who share like entrepreneurial passions to start building their technology start-ups. The society was founded by Zilong Wang.

Spurred by the downturn of the economy and impressed by the hub of physical science and engineering innovation in Southampton he set up Southampton University’s first technology focused entrepreneurial society in August 2012.

He truly believed that working with the university’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Electronics we could grow successful technology entrepreneurs. Ever since, we have continued to focus to foster people with great ideas, with good technical expertise, entrepreneurial interest and are keen to build a team.

And then we take them on a journey. We aim to be your coach, obstructing obstacles and guiding you towards success. Be it, equipment, finance or team climate we will do our best to help you achieve. The society organises regular talks, workshops and competitions since its foundations.

Most recently, we organised the university’s first Dragons Den event to offer essential knowledge, skills and real investment to young talent and provide precious opportunity to connect aspirations..

Membership Information

These are the current membership plans offered by Entrepreneurs Club, although many groups offer a free period for new members to try out their group.

  • Free Membership (£0)

This Years Committee

All student groups within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Entrepreneurs Club this year are:

  • Bogdan Buduroiu
  • Janushan Shanmugavadivel
  • Ignac Szigeti
    Vice President/Treasurer
  • Csongor Kocsis
    Chief Breakfast Officer
  • Benedek Toth
    Social Secretary
  • Alexandru Rosianu
    Tech Officer

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