Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Hong Kong Public Affairs And Social Services Society (HKPASS) was first founded by LSE over 10 years ago, and has since expanded across many other universities in the UK such as Kings College, Imperial, Exeter, Bath and Bristol.

HKPASS is a non-profit making, student led society. As the name suggests, we aim to promote the importance of public issues regarding the social, economical and political concerns of Hong Kong, China, and other parts of the world.

We also aim to increase community involvement amongs the students by contributing to the local community in HK through the organization of different social services and activities.

We (Soton) are thrilled to be a new addition to the HKPASS family (since 2014), and anticipate a wide array of events to take place the coming year.

We would very much appreciate any suggestions and improvements we could make to render a smooth and successful establishment at Southampton.

Feel free to contact us via this email: sotonhkpass@gmail.com The 2018-2019 Executive Committee Members: President: Khrystle So Vice-President: Jonathan Cho Public Affairs Officer: Michelle Wong Social Services Officer: Brian Li Secretary: Charmaine Chow Treasurer: Wilson Tsui.

About Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Membership Fee Information

These are the current membership fees offered by Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society, although many clubs and societies offer a free period for new members to try out their activities.

NameCostValid PeriodDetailsJoin
Year Membership£519/09/2018 - 30/06/2019The membership applies to all students for your durations of studies. All members will receive priority in registrations of our events and eligible to sign up for external events. You will receive discount for all events. As new members, we will subsidise your traveling fee towards the external events in our HKPASS network. So don't wait!! Sign up now to become our member!!!! Buy Now

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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society this year are:

  • Hung Woo
    External Vice President (EVP)
  • Cheuk Au
    Internal Vice President (IVP)
  • Man Chu
  • Book Cheng
    Public Affair Officer (PAO)
  • Tsun Lui
    Public Relations Officer
  • Hong Chan
  • Cheuk Ng
    Social Service Officer (SSO)
  • Justin Chan