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The Soapbox Racing Society is a society which is currently building its own soapbox cart, in the hopes of racing it in national competitions later in the year. We are open to members from all backgrounds, degrees and skill levels. If you can use a drill you're probably more skilled than half the current members. We have a very relaxed atmosphere in which everyone and are ideas are welcome, expect your ideas to be listened to and very probably incorporated into the cart. 

What is a Soapbox cart?

A soapbox is a motor less vehicle which is raced downhill. You might have seen the Red Bull Soapbox Race on TV if you ever watch Dave. Competitions are held all over the world in which these carts are raced, with usually funny and painful results. 

What we do:

Members of the soapbox society meet up weekly for build sessions, in which we try not impale each other with power tools, and design meetings which are usually held in a pub, because no good idea has every come to anyone sober.

We currently have a somewhat functioning cart, but this needs a number of components improving before we are willing to trust it with our lives. We then have the fun task of decorating the cart. With enough members we are considering starting another cart from scratch so if you're interested in this let us know!

Our Socials:

In the past we have held BBQs, Go Karting and gaming nights, along with meals out and pub nights. Expect many more fun activities this year, covid permitting. 

What you can do:

Please feel free to join as an interested member or drop any of the committee a message to find our about our upcoming meetings and events. Whether you're interested in engineering the cart, decorating it or just looking for a relaxed atmosphere to meet some people and have a laugh, we have plenty for you to do. Expect no commitment, turn up whenever you can, all the help is appreciated.  



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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Soapbox Racers this year are:

Benjamin Beasley
Eric Williams
Ethan Young
Bo Zhang
Welfare Officer

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Full Membership 2020/21FREE20/10/2020 - 20/09/2021Full membership to the soapbox society for the year


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