What is WIDE Training?

WIDE Training is intended to provide committees of clubs and societies with the knowledge and tools to be able to deal with incidents, behaviours, and concerns around student welfare, inclusion, diversity and equality. It is also designed to help educate about these issues. This is not intended to be a fully comprehensive training course, but to serve as an introduction.

The training provides an introduction to issues around racial discrimination, how to be accessible, how to make all clubs and societies LGBT+ inclusive, and what processes need to happen in the event of misconduct. Even though many of our clubs and societies will already be informed about some of these topics, they may not know everything.

There WILL be content in the training that is hard to read, or a shock to learn about. Please email the VP Welfare & Communities at welfare@soton.ac.uk if you need further support. If you need to access this training in a different format that would suit you or your needs then please contact us to request this.

As one of the biggest Students' Unions in the UK, and as one that has so many clubs and societies, we have an opportunity to make the world around us better. Clubs and societies can make a massive difference to the student experience, both positively and negatively

Who needs to take the training

The President, Welfare Officer, and Social Secretary (or the equivalent of) needs to take it, and will be contacted when starting their roles to inform them about the training. Committee members that are not able to access the training should email sutrain@soton.ac.uk

Clubs and socieities will not be eligible for SUSU grants or sponsorship if they do not complete the training, and ultimately could be disaffiliated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the training sent out late in the Autumn 2019 term?

It was sent at this time of the year because it was the only gap we had before semester 2 began. In future it will bee sent after Easter, to be completed over Summer, for newly elected committees.

Why is the training not available to every committee member?

We could not add every club and society committee member because our learning management system has limited capacity. This may be extended out further to students officers and other non-society or club roles in the future if possible.

Why is the training needed?

It’s not a question around the need for this training - we have had multiple reports, feedback, and stories over the years that reassures us everybody will benefit from continued awareness around different communities and welfare issues

Why is the training compulsory?

We made the training compulsory for the chosen committee roles because we believe that everyone should have access to this information. Committee members have certain responsibilities that means they need to be aware of processes and information around the issues covered.

Isn't the training a bit basic?

Some of the information may appear obvious. But there ARE people who do not know these things. Please bearin mind that while you may be more developed in these areas, not everyone will be.

As of November 2019