The AGM has now finished, so it is no longer possible to vote on agenda items

Annual General Meeting Agenda and Voting

Voting is a two stage process

  1. Register for a Proxy Vote
  2. Vote on the AGM Agenda items below

P 1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Vote: Minutes of the previous meeting

This item PASSED 37 votes for, 0 votes against

P 2. Annual Accounts

Vote: That the Accounts and Report be received

This item PASSED 36 votes for, 0 votes against

3. Appointment of Auditors

Vote: Appointment of auditors

This item PASSED 32 votes for, 1 votes against

Motion to reappoint Crowe U.K. LLP as auditors.
P 4. Approval of external affiliations

Vote: Approval of External Affiliations

This item PASSED 34 votes for, 3 votes against

5. What can SUSU do to help students who are feeling lonely?
6. What more can SUSU be doing to support BAME students?
7. What improvements do you want to see at Wide Lane?
8. Following the University’s new sustainability strategy what more can SUSU be doing?
9. What more can SUSU do for students with disabilities?
10. AOB