The AGM has now finished, so it is no longer possible to vote on agenda items

Annual General Meeting Agenda and Voting

Voting is a two stage process

  1. Register for a Proxy Vote
  2. Vote on the AGM Agenda items below

P 1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Vote: Minutes of the previous meeting

This item PASSED 67 votes for, 5 votes against

P 2. Annual Accounts

Vote: That the Accounts and Report be received

This item PASSED 67 votes for, 4 votes against

3. Approval of Auditors

Vote: Appointment of auditors

This item PASSED 58 votes for, 4 votes against

P 4. Approval of External Affiliations

Vote: Approval of External Affiliations

This item PASSED 69 votes for, 7 votes against

5. Southampton Says Enough Campaign
6. AOB