Student Communities Zone (26th February 2018)


Name of Committee Student Communities Zone
Date and time 26th February 2018, 15:00
Place Students' Union (SUSU)
Vice President Student Communities Arun Aggarwal
Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer Giles Howard
Union President Flora Noble
Equality and Diversity Officer Lii Mohamed
Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer Inga Franzen
International Officer Haris Constantinou
NOC Site Officer Lauren Coffin
Vice President Sport Development Stephen Gore
Student Communities Zone Student Group Representative Divyansh Dixit
Medical Society President Vikash Dodhia
Winchester Campus President Venezia Georgieva
Student Communities Zone Open Place Nicolas Kinich Hernandez Sanchez
Student Communities Zone Open Place Kim Meng Ronson Tan
Student Communities Zone Open Place Renee Johnson
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Chief Executive Scott Mccarthy
1. Apologies
2. Officer Updates
3. Culture Festival
4. Elections
5. AOB

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)