Looking for a place to stay for the next year


Hello I am Will, me and a friend are looking for a place to stay, for our next year at university. Both of us are first year students and are quiet and tidy people, we don't go out too often but are quite fond of pubs (stay away from American beer). I am fine with anybody, honestly, as long as you aren't an absolute creature then I reckon we will get on well! I would like to think I am quiet though not dead silent as many claim themselves to be as that would mean I would have to be either carbonated or dead, which luckily I am not. Expect me to be exceptionally quiet in the later hours (around 8-ish?) We are definitely not night owls. Location is not too much of a problem as long as we don't end up getting trench foot. Though the closer the better. In terms of pay per week per person anything below £180 is ideal Happy to do all sorts of work around the house because, well, that's just common decency. As for what time we are aiming to move in, early September? I doubt I'll be in Southampton over summer, same for my Friend. Looking to move in with 2-3 other people! Best wishes.

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