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Academic Awards 2023, Society & Volunteering Awards 2023, and Team Southampton Awards 2023

Every year our awards are a chance to celebrate the achievements and hard work of Academic Reps, societies, sports clubs, volunteers and University staff.

The Academic Awards are a way to say thank you and well done to anyone who has gone above and beyond to improve or support your academic experience this year. Maybe it’s a lecturer who gave an inspiring talk or supported your faculty? Perhaps your course has improved this year as a result of the fantastic work by one of your Academic Reps? The Academic Awards will be celebrated on Thursday 11 May.

Our Society and Volunteering Awards celebrate and recognise the amazing achievements of societies and individuals this year. This could be a society who has fundraised for charity, a committee member who has gone the extra mile to support their society, or a student who has dedicated their time to volunteering! And the big question: who is the Best Society of the Year?

Our Team Southampton Sports Awards honour and reward the fantastic successes of our sports clubs and individuals this year. Awards include the club who has seen the most improvement this year, an individual who has achieved sporting success in the year, and a student who has gone above and beyond in leading their team. And don't forget the ultimate achievement: the Sports Personality of the Year!

The Society & Volunteering Awards and Team Southampton Sports Awards will be celebrated on Friday 12 May 2023.

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Academic Awards 2023

Recognising the hard work of Academic Reps and University staff this year.

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Society & Volunteering Awards 2023

Recognising our societies, volunteers and fundraisers for their amazing efforts this year.

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Team Southampton Sports Awards 2023

Recognising individuals and clubs in Team Southampton for their sporting achievements this year.