Why are anonymous "You Make Change" submissions no longer published?

Anonymous submitted on

Sunday 18th November 2018


Anonymous submissions allow ideas to be floated, discussed, and voted on by students who don't want to publicly state their position. Granted, not all need to be published, and any platform required some moderation to ensure things stay within the guidelines, but is this the right decision? Who was involved in the decision making process? Who was consulted on this? 


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Thursday 3rd January 2019


Thank you for you query, as per your request this was taken to Union Senate, and then was agreed to be taken to the Union's AGM. It was agreed at the AGM that:

All You Make Change submissions will be published, whether anonymous or not and that when reviewing You Make Change submissions, Sabbatical Officers have the right to not publish submissions if they:

  • Contain abuse or encourage the harassment of Sabbatical Officers.
  • Contain content which is deemed offensive.
  • Are aimed at SUSU staff (who do not have a right of reply).
  • Need to be redirected, for example to Union Senate or the Harassment Reporting Tool.
  • Are not submitted by a full member of the Students’ Union.

I hope this outcome is satisfactory, many thanks - Evie Reilly (VP Democracy and Crreative Industries)

Question for: Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries