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Create a list of trusted car mechanics / MOT in the area for Students with cars.

It would be useful to have a list of trusted car mechanics in the area, much like there is with the trusted lettings agency list, as students who are unfamiliar with the local area may be at risk of being taken advantage of and not have their cars serviced properly before travelling home for holidays.

Submitted on Tuesday 20th November 2018


Hi Megan,

Thanks for this You Make Change suggestion! I've done some research and have found that Southampton City Council offers MOTs for residents. (More information can be found here - I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email me via!

All the best,

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

VP Engagement  

Friday 7th Dec 2018 5:54pm


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    Friday 23rd Nov 2018 12:17pm


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