Post graduate coffee and donuts.

Lewis Piper submitted on

Wednesday 21st November 2018


You use to put on coffee and donuts for the postgraduates. Can you bring it back please? It was great, we got to interact with other postgrads from other groups and we got donuts.

Also can you do more events for postgrads aswell? Postgrads have the least organised events out of any demographic and we are here throughout the year whereas undergrads leave for 4 months of the year. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 7th Dec 2018 4:16pm

Hi Lewis,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission.

Although we did used to put on a coffee and cake event for PGs, it cost around £12,000 and only affected a handful of committed students (Some of which were UGs and some staff) and was onyl done in Highfield so it did not have alot of reach with students.We also had an instance where a Union staff member was verbally abused by a PG student which was when the decision was made to cancel as it was not effective in engaging PGs and the money could be better spent on enriching the PG experience.

For example, we hold regular Power Teas for PG students, which is a chance for you to come alogn and get free hot drink and chat to other PG students. The next one of these is happening next Thursday 13th at the hospital 12-1 and will be Christmas themed. There is also the Quiz and Curry which happens every Sunday in the Bridge which is very popular with PG students. From January we will also be starting a new PG Breakfast club, where you can come and get a free breakfast and socialise with other PG students as well as discuss a set discussion topic every week. In the summer months (March-September) we also have PG BBQs every month where you can come and get a free burger.

Additionally, the Doctoral College are doign roadshows across all campuses this week and next week which is a chance for to give feedback about PGR tracker and any other issues you may want to raise as well as getting some festive food. The timetable for this, and all of the events we put on, can be found in the PG Facebook group here: If you aren't already part of that group I would strongly reccomend you join as this will be the place where you can most easily access all of the information abotu upcomign PG events.

We have also started a monthly PG newsletter which will be sent out via email and will detail all of the relevant things going on for Postgraduates that month so keep an eye on your email inbox for that!

If there are any other events you would like to see or any feedback you would like to share about anything, you can always drop me an email at

Many thanks,

Emily Harrison, VP Student Communities 2018-19.


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    Friday 23rd Nov 2018 12:19pm


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