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Make the mental health support more easily available to students.

I think the service our university provided is weak. They should be more positive to take care of our mental healthy. But now they just wait us in a so-called dropin session. Comparing with our career center, I don't think they have done good and enough work. 

Submitted on Thursday 29th November 2018


Hi Junyi, 

Thank you for your submission. I'm very sorry to hear your opinion of the support services. I believe we have a great support offer, but agree there is always more that can be done to make it better and more inclusive and approchable. Please do email me at to share which areas you want to be improved and I will do my upmost to feedback your concerns and lobby for change.

Best wishes,

Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare

University of Southampton Students' Union 

Sunday 13th Jan 2019 2:46pm


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 30th Nov 2018 1:18pm


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