Primary research

Wing Ho submitted on

Tuesday 4th December 2018


Hi, My name is Kinnie and I'm a second year fashion marketing student at the Winchester School of Art campus. I would like to do some primary research for my essay and hope you can answer me some questions. I would like to know has WSA ever held any events at Highfield Campus? for example student art work showcase/fashion show etc. Also does Highfield Campus promote much about WSA?


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Emily Harrison submitted on

Monday 17th December 2018


Hi Kinnie,

Thank you for your You Make Change submission.

Yes, WSA student artwork has been shown at Highfield before. WSA students have also often produced work to be used at Highfield events. For example, last year WSA students made the signs used for the International Women's Day march which took place between highfield and Avenue campuses.

We also do alot to promote the work and events going on at WSA, such as the Drag Queen Bingo and Free Fruit Fridays. We actually have an entire branch of the Union dedicated to WSA. The Facebook page where we put out alot of information can be found here: 

It would reccomend going to talk to An-Sofie, who is our WSA co-ordinator. You can find her in the WSA Cafe or contact her via email at

I hope this helps!

Many thanks,

Emily Harrison,

VP Student Communities, 2018-19.