Status: Accepted

Various Information Requests


I would like to ask a number of questions.

1. Please can you provide the statistics for the number of:

1a. Full Members

1b. Temporary Members

1c. Associate Members

1d. Lifetime Members

2. Please, can you provide the income made from each of the payable memberships (Temp, Associate, Lifetime).

3. Please, can you please explain why the union is incapable of making prompt payment of society membership fees to societies. (Payments for subscriptions made on the 15/11/2018 have only just been initiated and is still pending to my society today 17/12/2018.)

3a. Please provide information for the average time between payment of membership fees for societies through box office to the payment of the society.

3b. Please provide information for the number of transactions and value of transactions made to clubs during semester 1.

4. Regarding You Make Change. Please provide information for the Semester 1:

4a. The number of YMC's forwarded to sabbatical officers. (Broken down For each officer)

4b. The number of YMC's which have been responded to by a sabbatical officer. (Broken down For each officer)

4c. The number of YMC's which have been marked complete. (Broken down For each officer)

4d. The average time a YMC is active. The time between Accepted and Complete. (Broken down For each officer)

4e. The average time for a YMC to receive a response from the assigned a sabbatical officer. (Broken down For each officer).

Submitted on Monday 17th December 2018