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Stop providing plastic cutlery

Instead of providing plastic cutlery for when people buy food to-go for example from the piazza, we should have a university-wide system where you can take take cutlery when you've bought food and don't want to eat it there and be able to deposit the cutlery somewhere after use to be washed, instead of providing plastic cutlery. For example, there could be a cutlery-deposit point outside the library cafe. 

Submitted on Friday 11th January 2019


Hi there, 


Thank you for your submission. We no longer order plastic cutlery and are using up our remainding stock before introducing our wooden cutlery. We use reusable metal cutlery in our eateries and sell wooden cutlery in The Shop for your take out food. 


Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri 

Vice-President Welfare

Univeristy of Southampton Students' Union

Monday 11th Feb 2019 3:05pm


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Friday 11th Jan 2019 1:10pm


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  • There's also a small pocket knife-spoon-fork sold in the Shop

    Submitted on Tuesday 15th January 2019 01:06 by Alexander Petrov
  • The best way to ensure that students did not take advantage of the cuttlery deposit scheme you propose would be to require them to pay a cash deposit on the silverware upfront (which they'd get back after returning the spoon, knife or folk to a cuttlery-deposit point), but that would be confusing and costly to organise. It would be easier and more viable for the Union to simply encourage students to reuse the plastic cuttlery they are already forking out 20p for at venues such as the Library Café (pardon the pun) e.g. by offering a 20p discount to those students who provide their own spoon or folk, similar to how students who bring their own cup get an extra stamp on their hot-drinks loyalty card.

    Submitted on Monday 14th January 2019 16:26 by Austin Lovell