Why is the café no longer going to sell breakfast at lunch? How certain is SUSU that this is a financially viable move?

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 12th January 2019


The breakfast is easily the most successful item, replacing it seems counter intuitive.

How certain is SUSU that it won't lose money from this?


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Steve Gore submitted on

Friday 8th February 2019


Hi anon,

Thank you for your submission.

The rumour that the cafe breakfast was being cancelled stemmed from a miscommunication on one of our signs which stated "[from 28 Jan] we will be no longer serving an all day breakfast from 11.30 onwards". What it had meant to communicate was that we would only be reducing the amount of items on offer after 11:30 however this was (understandably) interpreted by some students that we would be stopping breakfast altogether. All normal breakfast items will be on offer up until 11:30, and after that time students will be able to purchase  beans, pork sausages, vegan sausages, bacon, hash browns and fried eggs until the cafe closes at 2pm.

The reason we have made this change is because the cafe is currently operating at a deficit and we need to find ways to cut costs. By serving a reduced offer at non-peak breakfast times we are able to cut down on food waste, as the food items that are unsold can be used in our production kitchen to make sandwitches to be sold in the shop. SUSU has a duty to our students to remain financially viable so that we can continue to offer the same amount of resource to student activities and support services.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at aupres@soton.ac.uk.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports and Acting President