Provide more help and guidance for mature students.

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 14th January 2019


We should be more concerning about mature students first so that the older population go through a healthy, desciplined and formed lifestyle which would also decrease the mental issues since depression also occurs if we let anyone be alone. Full time education is for everyone. We should realise that and do much more to bring forward the adults of the world, just like we try to do with kids or teenagers, instead of meagre support considering adult students just an optionable and meagre student community. It is actually the most important part of any student community a society should have. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 29th Mar 2019 11:59am

Hi there,

Thank you for your You Make Change Submission.

In the past, we used to have a Mature Student and Student Parent committee, however this did not see very much engagement with students and so is no longer up and running. We do, however, have a Facebook group, which you can find here:

A lot of the feedbakc we have had from Mature Students is that they either do not want to engage with the Union, as they prefer to engage in their own social activities outside of University, or that they do not want to be singled out and want to take part in the existing events with all students. All of the events and opportunities we put on as a Union are open to all students!

In terms of support for mental health and wellbeing, we do have our Advice Centre which provides free and confidential advice, independent from the University, on all topics from finances, to housing and academic study etc. They are located above the Stags (Building 40) You can book an appointment by emailing or by going a long to one of the drop in sessions on Highfield Wednesday 1-4pm or Avenue Fridays 1-4pm. The details of all of our support services can be found on our website, here:

If there is a desire for us to be running particular, events, providing certain opportunities or you have any ideas for what we can be doing to support, I am more than happy to listen and discuss with you. My email is Please feel free to email me with any thoughts or to set up a meeting.

All the best,

Emily Harrison

Vice President Student Communities, 2018-19.


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    Friday 18th Jan 2019 1:08pm


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