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Have more gluten free food options

There are hardly any gluten free food options on campus. I tried to get a sandwhich in the library and the SUSU shop and couldn't get one. On the rare occasion I can find one, they are double the price of the regular sandwhiches. There are so many vegan options on campus such as vegan sandwhices and sausage rolls when veganism is a choice - being gluten intolerant/having an allergy is not a choice for some people. I understand that it's such a minority but it's annoying knowing I can't get a decent lunch on campus. 

Submitted on Saturday 19th January 2019


Hi there, 

Thank you for your submission. We aim to tailor our outlets to be inclusive of as many students as possible. We have increased the offer of Gluten free options in The Shop, however I will pass on your concern again to The Shop manager.

Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri

Vice-President Welfare 

University of Southampton Students' Union

Monday 11th Feb 2019 3:18pm


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 25th Jan 2019 1:02pm


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