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Put a printer in B85

There is currently only one printer available in B85 - a small tabletop printer at the express work stations.

This printer is regularly out of action meaning students have to trek to a different building in search for a printer.

Please can we get a proper printer in B85, one that can actually manage the workload?

Submitted on Tuesday 29th January 2019


Hello again Lauren! 

I'm pleased to say that I have an update from iSolutions, which reads as follows: 


Hi Lauren,

Firstly we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the printer situation in B85.

We want to make sure that our staff and students are getting the best out of our new print contract with Apogee and therefore we are looking into how many times this printer is being used and how often it is out of action. Once we have this information we can make a decision about installing another printer.

We do have a list of all printer locations across the University which can be found here: Multi-function device locations

Thanks, iSolutions


I hope that helps a bit, and I'll be sure to provide an update once iSolutions get back to me with their next steps. 

If you have any questions in the meantime please let me know. 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman

(SUSU VP Education 2017-19, vpeducation@susu.org)

Monday 4th Feb 2019 2:16pm

Hello Lauren!

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for your submission. I'm going to pass this on to our contact with iSolutions and see what their thoughts are, so keep an eye out for an update in the next few weeks. 

Don't forget that your submission is now live for voting on over at the SUSU website, so please encourage people to come and have their say also. 

If you have any questions please let me know. 

All the best, 

Samuel Dedman

(SUSU VP Education 2017-19, vpeducation@susu.org)

Friday 1st Feb 2019 1:46pm


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    Friday 1st Feb 2019 1:19pm


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