Urge lecturers to record all their lectures

Claudia Shaw submitted on

Tuesday 19th February 2019


I believe all lectures should be recorded, as the university has the facilities to do so and it is extremely beneficial to revision, going back to after a lecture to listen to a point that you missed or use to catch up on if you are ill or any other unexpected circumstances. 

Understandably, lecturers are anxious to record lectures as they fear that student attendance will decline and rely on recordings, especially the case with smaller modules. However, even if there is a compromise, for example, withholding a recording unless requested upon, it would still prove beneficial to student learning. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 22nd Mar 2019 4:02pm

Hello Claudia! 

Thanks again for waiting. I've now had a chance to speak to the University's Vice-President Education to gather his thoughts, and the following is a summary of what we said:

  1. While the University does not have a single policy on Lecture Capture, this is instead a decision which is delegated down to Faculties. This is also why the current policy is a bit inconsistent, as different Faculties (and indeed, different Schools) are approaching this at different rates. 
  2. Not all rooms are equipped to do lecture capture, but should be reaching that point over the coming years. 
  3. Our stance on Lecture Capture is going to form part of the ongoing 10-Year Plan that the University is currently undertaking, and as such a University-wide policy might form part of that. 

Rest assured that SUSU's Academic Reps are continuing to lobby on behalf of the students they represent to expand recorded lectures in as many places as possible. Momentum is certainly on our side right now, and I'd encourage you to get in touch with your local Academic Rep (www.susu.org/education) to get them to raise it at the next Staff-Student Liaison Committee. 

For now I am going to close this You Make Change submission, but please do get in touch if you have any more questions. 

Best wishes, and thanks for using You Make Change!

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19, vpeducation@susu.org)

Students' Union replied on

Monday 18th Mar 2019 4:10pm

Hi Claudia! 

Thanks for bearing with me - I'm still awaiting a University response to the above, and as soon as I have one I'll be back in touch. I just wanted to reassure you that I'm still actively working on this at the moment - as are our SUSU Academic Reps! 

Best wishes, 

Samuel Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19, vpeducation@susu.org)

Students' Union replied on

Monday 25th Feb 2019 4:40pm

Hello Claudia! 

Thanks for getting in touch. Recorded lectures are a really tricky topic that I have been attempting to navigate during my time as VP Education - here are a couple of the headline challenges that spring to mind:

  1. Not all of the Common Learning Spaces at Southampton are equipped with the resources needed to lecture capture. The rooms are refurbished on a rolling cycle, so given time all of the centrally-managed spaces should be upgraded in the next few years. 
  2. There is a debate on what to record. Lectures only, Seminars only, both lectures and seminars or another alternative. This would change the way in which they could be used. 
  3. There is also a conversation about when to release the recordings. Are they released directly after the session, or later on as a revision tool?

Nevertheless the use of lecture capture has been on the rise - this graph from iSolution's MLE team shows it really well (https://twitter.com/mediaguycouk/status/1074956898296848384). Academic Reps from across the University have been lobbying for lecture capture in their respective areas of work, and have had great success. I personally feel that this is the right approach for now - by letting students lobby for change not only is their voice directly heard but it also ensures that the resources are committed to where they are most needed. If you haven't already spoken to your local SUSU Academic Rep I'd encourage you to do so - head over to www.susu.org/education to find out who they are. 

I'd be remiss at this point if I didn't mention that the SUSU Spring Elections are currently ongoing, and as such this is your perfect opportunity to ask the new VP Education & Democracy candidates for their thoughts on lecture capture. You can find out more about them here (https://www.susu.org/representation/elections-candidates.html), and ask them questions here (https://www.susu.org/elections/spring-2019/questions.html). 

I'm going to go back to the University and ask for their current stance on this, so bear with me while I do that. For now your submission is live on the SUSU website so please share it for commenting and voting. 

If you have any questions please let me know.

All the best,

Samuel Dedman

SUSU VP Education 2017-19, vpeducation@susu.org


  • Forwarded to Education

    Friday 22nd Feb 2019 1:05pm


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Cori Haws commented on

Sunday 24th Feb 2019 8:53pm

If lectures are recorded, they should just be plainly available. You shouldn't have to request access to them. 

In general, I don't believe a significant number students will skip lectures and instead simply watch the recordings. Even when my lectures are recorded essentially everyone still turns up.

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