Lobby the University to provide extra customer service training to service facing staff

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 28th February 2019


Having University of Southampton applicants berated by a member of staff in the Piazza for trying to put their plates on a trolley that the staff member had arbitraily decided was "full" (with plenty of space on it, mind you) was, I'm sure, an absolutely delightful interaction and made for a fantastic visitor experience that no doubt made them want to firm Southampton the second they had the chance.

I especially enjoyed then having to answer the question "is everyone who works here like that?" from the evidently shaken visitors. Thanks a bunch.


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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 29th May 2019 3:33pm

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your submission.

As someone who is proud to be a student at Southampton this is really disappointing to hear. You have quite rightly noted that this is not the right impression that the University should be giving to prospective students if we want to remain competitive at recruiting. The management and directors at the University are all acutely aware of the impact that open days have on student recruitment and it is a massive focus area for them. Unfortunately this message doesn't always make it down to every member of staff, as has been evidenced in this instance. I've passed this complaint over to the catering manager at the University who will be reminding his staff of the importance of good customer service - not just at open days but for all of our students.

Hopefully this was a one off incident, but if this continues to be an issue then we may consider asking the University to look more closely at its training schedules and policies.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, Acting President.


  • Forwarded to Sports Development

    Friday 1st Mar 2019 1:05pm


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