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Advertise Elections better at Non-Highfield Sites

Advertising for spring elections was limited to small A6 leaflets left in lockers in an area. It was very poorly conducted and I am very dissapointed in you. 

Submitted on Monday 4th March 2019


Thank you for your feedback, I agree that this year we didn't get it right at some of our sites, SGH in particular. We are working to make sure that the upcoming Summer elections are better advertised, and that we work closely with student offices and other stakeholders at sites to ensaure that we have an appropriately tailored strategy in terms of promotion. We will absolutely act upon the feedback we've recieved, and if any student does have further feedback please get in touch with so we can improve in future. I'll also be sure to ensure this feedback is appropriately handed over to the new sabbatical team. 

Many thanks, 

Evie (VP DCI)

Friday 5th Apr 2019 12:48pm


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    Friday 8th Mar 2019 1:12pm


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