Status: Complete

Accept American Express at SUSU's venues

Amex have lowered their charge to retailers so there is no reasonable excuse to not accept the card.

Students from the States especially find it very annoying that they cannot use their cards in an 'inclusive' union.

Submitted on Friday 8th March 2019

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your submission.

Although American Express have reduced their merchant transaction fees, their transactions are still considerably more expensive than those of visa or mastercard meaning that we are still unwilling to accept American Express payments at this time. Whilst we would love to accept all types of card payments for convenience of our members, we also have a duty to maintain our financial sustainability and this is one example where the cost outweighs the benefit for us.

If American Express lower their transaction fees to be more in line with that of Visa or Mastercard then we will be happy to reconsider our position on this.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, Acting President.

Wednesday 29th May 2019 3:53pm