increase the you make change word cap

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 12th March 2019


The you make change word cap is one hundred words. If someone has a good idea and wants to make a change then they will have to condense it down to fit within this word count.

Is it possible that some great ideas are longer than one hundred words?

This word limit is very low and can easily be hit with someone writing about, the current way the sytem works, why is is bad and needs changing and what they change should be.

Therefore I think a safe limit is 200 words which would allow for people to submit...............I.ran.out.of.word.count


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 16th Aug 2019 2:49pm

Hi there,


There has now been an increase on the system from 100 words to 250 words.


Kind regards,

Jo Lisney (VP Education&Democracy 2019-20,

Students' Union replied on

Friday 5th Apr 2019 12:35pm


Thank you for your submission, we're currently looking at the You Make Change process, as directed by our last meeting of Senate. As part of this we will touch upon the system itself, and we'll take your suggestion under advisement. 

I'll update this response with some of the agreed outcomes of the group.

Many thanks, 

Evie (VP DCI)


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    Friday 15th Mar 2019 1:13pm


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