Offer discount on coffee/tea when using any reusable coffee cup!

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 13th March 2019


It's a bit unfair that discounts are only offered on drinks when a Keepcup purchased form the SUSU Shop is used. Offer it to all reusable cups! Many more people will be encouraged to use them!


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Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 29th May 2019 12:53pm

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your submission.

I agree with your sentiment and have had previous discussions to find a way past this issue, but unfortunately the reason we can't offer discounts to non-keepcup reusables in the shop is due to the fact that the coffee machine is unsupervised, and non-standard volume reusable cups have the potential to overspill and cause mess/burns. Another issue we face is that our till staff have no way of verifying what volume of coffee is in opaque cups. This has led to us losing out financially in examples such as when individuals have put multiple espresso shots into a container and it has been charged as a regular coffee/single shot, and we would prefer to avoid negative customer experience situations whereby our staff have had to challenge customers on their purchases.

We have recently halved the price of our keep cups to £6, which is just above cost price, in an effort to encourage students to use reusable cups more. It's also worth noting that in the Bridge we offer a discount on all reusable cups and our coffee is 25p cheaper than the shop anyway, and in the cafe we sell coffee and tea for £1 a mug!

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, Acting President.


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    Friday 15th Mar 2019 1:08pm


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Milosz Gaczkowski commented on

Friday 31st May 2019 10:47am

You're losing money on coffee? If this is true, you're either being scammed on coffee beans, or the reusable cups you've identified as the problem are comically enormous.

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