Drinking fountains

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 13th March 2019


Why is there not more water fountains in every building with clearer signage saying where the nearest water fountain is and reminders to drink more water. Not drinking enough water can make you feel tired and less engaged with lectures, this could be a simple way to increase productive time on campus. I appreciate the library has water fountains but reminder signs would be a good idea.


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Monday 15th April 2019


Hello again! 

I'm pleased to say that the SUSU-based water fountains are now listed under the Amenitieslayer over on maps.soton.ac.uk, and we're currently exploring the feasibility of importing data from all campuses into the map via. Planon. As this is now being progressed I'm going to mark this You Make Change as complete, but please get in touch if you have any more questions. 

Thanks for the submission, and best wishes, 

Sam Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19, vpeducation@susu.org)