Status: Complete

Turn bar 3 into a jacket potato bar

I saw a suggestion that there should be a subway but that would generate a lot of litter. Instead, a jacket potato bar would be customisable, scalable and cardboard bowls possible. This could provide an affordable lunch for many for not a lot of money. 

Submitted on Thursday 14th March 2019


Hi Marta, 

Thank you for your submission. We are currently discussing how to renovate Bar 3 and what would be the best style outlet to go there. I like the idea of jacket potatoes, please see if you can get more upvotes from students towards this idea so that we can put it forward. We will be conducting student consultation soon, so please look out for this on our website ( and have your voice heard here. 

Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare

University of Southampton Students' Union

Thursday 25th Apr 2019 10:27am


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 15th Mar 2019 1:01pm


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  • You could just have a low-litter subway.

    Submitted on Monday 25th March 2019 19:46 by Alexander Sadler
  • Why would a subway-style place generate more litter than a jacket potato bar? (quite a specific suggestion btw)

    Submitted on Friday 15th March 2019 22:35 by Alexander Petrov